I am coming back :)

Ok i am kinda in a break period but its time to come back.
Here one piece i worked today, although i have other pieces i want to finish.
I will soon update in my sketchbook in CA so check out there for more stuff :)


i am training like crazy yay!!! :)

ok here some of the stuff i have done lately. More can be seen in my sketchbook in CA. Good night :)

Chow Tsunami-still a wip

Forgot to upload my entry for the chow in conceptart.org. Tsunami :) , although still a wip, and since i may leave home today i may not be able to push it some more further.

Up-to-Date :)

did a livestream yesterday

here the work on it, and some other stuff :) . The 1st enviro is a work in progress for the EOW#200 in Conceptart.org

Update :)

Well ok, i am not good at presenting myself with finished pieces or something. I am totally into expanding my skills and my workflows. Here some updates to blow the dust away :)

Some work for Dead man Zand, game of Mountainwheelgames

Here some concepts of the work i have done for Mountainwheel's game "Dead Man Zand".