Staying strong

Well seems like this year is very challenging for me. Already had some failure things at uni but i cant give up in overall. I remember the passion and spirit i had when i started training seriously and i kinda miss that feeling. There a lot of things i have to keep learning but i feel a barrier, its like the bad periods i had when i was doing hardcore training in drawing etc. Probably its because of expectations and things like that, and maybe i am a little tired, its been a long time since i played some game to relax. All things are coming together. My university years are finished (with only some things to do in September) and i will head back home, the next chapter will begin. Anyway everyone's keeping up, so i have to do the same. I want and i will try to come back to my training because its something that makes me feel good, fills me up. Of course there are a lot of stuff now but i will try hard. So i will try to keep up my sketchbook in CA and this blog :)

Lets keep up!!!!

Quick Character

ok here a quick character i did and the char i did for the chow-snowmancer. I will update my sketchbook in CA soon

"The Angel"

worked more with textures in this one.I was thinking about how the stones and stuff will have to look

more :)

i am thinking a lot about texture in my last works.I will keep up making them better :)

Some progress

A hint on the last artwork i am working on

Character concept

Here a character concept. Soon i will post these to my sketchbook

something i worked these days

Ok here something :), still trying to find a lot of things

something i am working on

ok a little tired these days but soon i will do more again.Will post this with more things that i have ready, all in my sketchbook
The city in the background is from a photo

new things :)

and some research things on composition

Character creation and process with video

ok here the thingies :P
and here the link to the video process

Happy new year :)!!!

Worked hard to improve my drawing skills while on holidays and i managed to build a nice fluid workflow to make figures with motion and stuff. Here some things :)

see ya